Wild Creative Bar & Eatery

Our values

Our philosophy

We left our Parisian lives back in 2017 to find more passion and purpose in what we do. Wild was born from a simple idea: doing something we love, providing a nice experience to our guests, and the most important of all, having a positive impact on our community.
To reach this goal, we focus on 4 main commitments:

  • Good Food & Drinks: a small menu to offer you only the greatest food made from the freshest produces.
  • Good & Happy Staff: a great team working as a family. Their wellbeing is the keystone of our project.
  • Eco-Responsible Staff: we care about our planet, and try to reduce our impact to the minimum possible.
  • Socially committed: we help many local NGOs through donations, fundraising, …

Good food & good drinks

We have always loved cooking and eating good things. So when we decided to create Wild, it was obvious we had to work on the recipes until we were proud to serve them.

It took us about 1 year to come up with the 12 first recipes of Fresh and fried Spring Rolls. And since then, every new recipe is tested tens of times, it can take us several months to come up with a new spring roll we consider worth serving. And once on the menu, we always value feedbacks. It helped us so much in the past, and we are sure it will also in the future.

Our cocktails and dishes are only made from quality produce, fresh fruits and vegetables (organic ones when available), as much as possible locally produced, and at least purchased from local and responsible providers we carefully selected.

Happy good team members

Our team members are the keystone of our project since the very beginning. We always wanted to be able to support the local people, starting with our future employees.

We take good care of our amazing team members. For instance, we offer salaries above Cambodian standards, with bonuses when we can, and obviously, all the tips (cash or digital) are shared between our local employees only. 

We adapt working hours in order to facilitate their family life or to enable them to attend university classes. We also provide them a health insurance and now, a retirement plan.

We are really proud that during Covid, we have kept all of our employees. We extended the opening hours to have them working as much as possible, and even during the period we were had to close, we kept on paying them so they could live decently, regardless the financial cost.

Wild Siem Reap Team

Eco responsibility (Part I)

Eco responsibility

As you may have witnessed, and despite enormous and encouraging progress those last years, Cambodia has a long way to go in terms of environmental awareness. We consider it is our duty to do what we can to protect the environment in our every day operations, as well as teaching our team to do so too. So here is a non exhaustive list of things we pay attention to:

  • Plastics: We serve filtrated water for free, you won’t see a single plastic bottle in our little paradise.
    No plastic straw either, actually, by default, we don’t give any straw, but if you ask for it, we always have reusable or compostable ones.
    We gave our market providers reusable bags so they could reduce their consumption too. Guess what? They bought many more and now use it for all their customers!

Eco responsibility (Part II)

  • Wastes: Recycling is not an easy task in Cambodia, but we still have some options. For example, empty cans and metal wastes are recycled. We also give our used frying oil to Naga Earth, who turns it into Bio Diesel and Soap.
    For what we can’t recycle, we try to reduce as much as possible :
    -We buy locally and as much as possible provide reusable, clean containers to be delivered.
    -We compost our organic wastes too, and the garden loves it.
  • Awareness: Our team members are not allowed to bring any single use plastic in the restaurant, (although it’s a constant fight). We provide them with reusable containers and bottles to use when buying food/drinks to take away from other places. And of course, they are encourage to use our own produce, for free or at cost. They save money, and plastic!
    We also love to take part in the city cleanings organised by NGOs or the commune chief.
Wild Siem Reap Cleaning

Local Community

Health and education, among other things, are, in our opinion top priorities in Cambodia. Back in the 70s “intellectuals”, such as teachers and doctors were chased and murdered, or forced to leave the country, leading to a critical situations since then. If focus mainly on helping NGOs working on those topics, we also love to help on other subject, such as animal welfare, environmental actions, LGBT integration and safety, and many more.

Our action takes place at different levels :
1. We raise money through our “social shop”, and special sales/actions/events all along the year.
2. We donate time to help NGOs in our areas of expertise, by auditing or training them on different fields, or offering produces to charity events.
3. We love talking about and highlighting great organisations, social events, and of course we always donate prizes for charity raffles etc.