Wild Creative Bar & Eatery

We started quite recently (March 2024), so the numbers are still pretty humble, but still, so far,
The Wild Foundation
has financed the plantation of:

Our aim

We aim to have 300 trees planted every year, through our partner Ecosia.

How do you know we really do it?

We decided to be 100% transparent with you, our donation invoices as well as the certificates are available for you to review, right here

Why we chose to plant trees?

There are many, many things to do to make our world better, especially in a country like Cambodia, so why did we choose reforestation instead of other things? It’s easy, trees are vital for our planet. Not only they store significant amount of CO2 (On average 25kg per year, around 700kg during their life), but they also protect and offer an irreplaceable habitat for the wildlife. And of course, as founders of Wild restaurants, it means something special to us 🙂

Why did we choose Ecosia as a partner?

Before choosing to work with a specific partner, we reviewed many organisations that offer the same service of planting trees. Ecosia appeared to us as the most trustworthy: 

  • It has been operating since 2009 
  • They have planted over 200 million trees worldwide
  • They share all their financial data  (available here)
  • They are endorsed by many governmental and non governmental organisation

Where are the trees planted?

Long story short, a bit everywhere. 

Ecosia selects reforestation programs everywhere in the world, on all continents, and in over 40 countries. They choose locations and projects based on their direct impact on the communities and wildlife, and their durability. Although there are no reforestation programs in Cambodia currently funded by Ecosia, some projects are currently being reviewed. One of the main obstacles being the lack of awareness among the local populations in the countryside creating a risk of deforestation…


We have always loved cooking and eating good things. So when we decided to create Wild, it was obvious we had to work on the recipes until we were proud to serve them.

It took us about 1 year to come up with the 12 first recipes of Fresh and fried Spring Rolls. And since then, every new recipe is tested tens of times, it can take us several months to come up with a new spring roll we consider worth serving. And once on the menu, we always value feedbacks. It helped us so much in the past, and we are sure it will also in the future.

Our cocktails and dishes are only made from quality produce, fresh fruits and vegetables (organic ones when available), as much as possible locally produced, and at least purchased from local and responsible providers we carefully selected.